Our Story

Early 2013 ,We started getting in touch with many people in Dubai to understand how people perceive grocery shopping. Below are some of answers we got:

  • I love shopping, but not grocery shopping. It’s a duty and has no fun in it.
  • I don’t like waiting on the queue for a long time, only because the customer in front of me forgot to weigh his vegetables!
  • I always spend at least three times more than what I initially planned to spend.I just enter the supermarket to buy one item, and I end up buying 10 other items(of which 8 I don’t even need)
  • It’s something I have to plan in advance because I have little kids. I wish someone can do it for me. My kids always create a big mess at the store and force me to buy things I would not like to buy.
  • I never know how much I should pay until I wait on the checkout counter and scan all my items. It’s always an unwelcomed surprise
  • And so on…

We believed in moving the grocery shopping to the next level. We wanted to make grocery shopping more of fun and less of duty.We started MARTY.ae.

Marty.ae offers our customers a big range of daily needs at very competitive prices and save time while making grocery shopping a FUN experience.

Why us?

  • Convenient:We will do everything possible to ensure you get a premium service.
  • Cost effective: We will do everything possible to ensure you get the best price we can offer.
  • Time effective: We will save your time by offering a very easy-to-use interface. You will save the time you spend dressing up, driving, parking & Waiting on the line ,then carry your purchases till home. On Marty.ae, you will be able to do it all in few minutes!

Company Information

Marty.ae is owned by Marty Online grocery LLC, Established in the UAE under license number 689203 year 2013.